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Feeding Time at Poppy's Holiday Hutches
Feeding Time
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Poppy's Holiday Hutches is the ideal Norfolk holiday boarding service for rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rodents and small pets.

Our pet accommodation suite is a purpose-built 14 x 8ft boarding house, specially designed for housing your small pet while you are on holiday.

Pets staying at Poppy's Holiday Hutches receive a personal service at reasonable prices. View our pricing list.

The Boarding House

The boarding house is air-conditioned to maintain a stable temperature in summer and winter, and also has plenty of opening windows to give natural light and ventilation when required. All windows are fitted with blinds so that the pets boarding with us are not subjected to direct sunlight.

The boarding house is fully equipped with lighting and a large fridge for storing fresh food for our boarders. A heating and cooling system has been installed to keep our guests at just the right temperature.

For safety a smoke alarm is installed and a large fire extinguisher is placed outside the building. The flooring has a lino covering, which is washed and disinfected on a regular basis.

Indoor Holiday Hutches

Nine standard hutches are available at Poppy's boarding house. The hutches are 4ft x 2ft, made of quality wood, and each hutch has a living and bedroom area. The hutches can easily accommodate two large rabbits.

We also have a large 6ft x 4ft hutch for boarding giant breed rabbits, or for larger families of pets who wish to be housed together. The large hutch includes a covered bedroom area.

Outdoor Boarding

We have five outdoor hutches available for pets who are accustomed to living outside. All outdoor hutches have bedrooms and living areas, and have large runs attached. One of our outside hutches has a same-level run which is suitable for less able bodied guests.

Health & Cleanliness

We take our cleanliness very seriously, and take every measure to avoid any kind of cross infection between our guests.

All of the boarding hutches are cleaned and disinfected regularly, as are all toys, feeding bowls, water bottles and other items.

Likewise, your pet will not mix with any other animals whilst in our care, except their own hutch mate should they have one.


Large pens are provided outside for exercising. These are placed on grass and have a selection of toys, tunnels and tents to keep your pet amused and occupied.

Pets are exercised daily and are always under supervision whilst in the outside pens. If we have a rabbit that is likely to be a 'jumper', we are able to cover the pens with netting.

Should the weather not be suitable for the outside pens, our guests are encouraged to stretch their legs by having a wander around the summerhouse.

Feeding time

Feeding times are generally at 8 o'clock in the morning and 7 o'clock in the evening.

Two types of dry food are available, Burgess Excel pellets and mixed muesli. Each pet's dietary preferences are ascertained when they are booked in for their stay.

Seasonal vegetables such as cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, green beans and a selection of fruit are also provided.

We soon learn which foods are each guest's favourite and what they dislike, and their diet is adjusted accordingly.

All food is included in our boarding tariff, but if your pet is on a special diet, we would then ask you to provide the food and instructions.

Personal Service

We treat each guest as an individual, making time to care for their needs, and make their time here as enjoyable as possible. All pets staying at Poppy's Holiday Hutches are checked regularly, with cuddles given should they need one!

If it is possible, we will update you on how your pet is getting on via phone or text message while you are away.

If your pet has boarded with us, keep an eye out on the gallery page of this website for your pet's picture to be added to the Gallery of Guests!

We look forward to having your pet stay here at Poppy's Holiday Hutches! For more information or to make a booking, please contact us.